Tipi & Sweatlodge Medicin Ceremony Weekend

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We are happy to welcome Greg and Eva from Peru!

For a weekend with a plant Medicin ceremony in tipi and a traditional sweat lodge ceremony( also called Temazcal))

A prayer for the water

Mni wiconi – water is life

This is a prayer for the future generations. A prayer for our children and grandchildren. A prayer for those who are not yet born, may they know that we prayed for them.

What is a prayer? A prayer are the longings we have in our hearts. Our hopes, our worries, our dreams, our fears. All of that which we carry in our heart, is our prayer.

Why water? All life begins and ends with water: it is essential for life here on our planet. We are created by the water of our father and mother. We grow in the water of our mothers woomb. And untill we die, we need water to stay alive. Water symbolises our emotions. Water cleans us, Water heals us.

Above everything we come in this ceremony weekend to the altars of our ancestors, to nourish our spirit. We come to seek clarity. We come to pray.

If you need healing. If you feel lost. If you are in pain. If you are confused. If you are worried. If you are seeking a new way. If you are longing for something. If you want to pray for your life, and/or the lifes of your children and grandchildren (born or unborn). You are welcome.

The ways of ceremony:

Tipi ceremony

The teepee ceremony honors a formular from the North American natives called the four tabacco half moon altar.

It is a ceremony that is carried out from the evening, all the way through the night till after sunrise.

We pray, sing, share and receive.

The structure of this way of ceremony has been shared for hundreds of years.


Sweat lodge

Many native cultures throughout Americas and Europe have been using sweat lodges in their traditions, for praying, purification, cleansing and healing of body, mind, emotions and spirit. It’s one of the oldest ceremonies that exist.

In mexican traditions the sweat lodge is called temazcal in nahuatl language, which means ‘the house of steam’.
Among Northern American Sioux nation it is called ‘Inipi’. The purpose the Inipi- is for people to keep their connection with the creator.Although there is several different designs and names for the sweat lodge, they all carry the same essence. The construction itself is connected to all the 7 directions of the universe East, South, West, North, above, below and the center. The lodge represents the womb of our first mother: Mother Earth. The fire represents the father of all life, father sun. The rocks that have been heated in the fire are our ancestors, the natives refer to them as our grandparents. They are the ones we receive the teachings from inside the lodge. The water that is being poured over the hot rocks, represents the water of the womb. And the air represents the first breath, the breath of life.

The one who enters the lodge has an opportunity to start from the beginning and to release blockages that block us in our life. Every time we leave the lodge is an opportunity of re-birth.

There is many layers and levels to this ancient ceremony/medicine. On a physical plane sweat lodge stimulates the lymphatic system, and helps dispose toxins. When the temperature rises over 40°c the skin becomes a third kidney. High temperatures inside the lodge causes the body to sweat, humidity doesn’t allow sweat to evaporate, so the body’s sympathetic and parasympathetic system responds, the circulation accelerates and we sweat even more, eliminating toxins to the maximum. And everything that takes place on a physical plane, is reflected on the mental, emotional and spiritual plane.

The medicine – Huachuma

In the Andes of South America a long standing tradition of praying with the sacred plant called Huachuma, dates back over approximately 5000 years.

Huachuma (later known by some as San Pedro) use as a sacrament has been used by healers since the very beginning of the Andean civilization. The shamans/ healers of that time considered it “Materia prima” which is, “a formless primeval substance regarded as the original material of the universe.”

Huachuma is known as a heart opening medicine. In its gentle yet powerful way, it reminds us who we are in our true nature by waking up the ancient memory that is always waiting for us in our DNA.
The psychoactive substance in the cactus is the alkaloid mescaline, which is inert. This means that it is not contradictory to any pharmaceutical products.

We are soon planning a Zoom Meeting for all People that are interested in the Ceremony to answer all kind of questions.

With Love

Greg, Eva, Mireille, Vlaho and Iris


Huachuma, The plant Medicin in front of the Teepee ( Tipi)