Healthy nature- healthy humans- healthy animals

Welcome to our Permaculture Garden. The attitudes with which we take care of the plants and animals are the same and have the same origin as the way in which we heal and connect with people in our retreats. We call it intuitive permaculture because we do not plan extensively before gardening, as other permaculture methods do, but rather go with the flow, slowly and step by step. When we tend to the garden and the plants, it is for our own healing as well. And every day, something different is needed.

Our Permaculture Principles:

  • Observe and interact – We have a deep interest in what appears in the garden and give it attention and help when imbalances arise.
  • Catch and store energy – The soil is always covered with dried grass, straw, and plants, so it is never exposed to harsh weather conditions. The energy and nutrients from the cover return to the earth.

  • Integrate rather than segregate

  • Use small and slow solutions

  • Appreciate the importance of diversity

  • Work and learn with nature! Mistakes are very welcome.

  • Creative adaptation – Gardening serves as a form of art therapy.

  • Nourish ourself with the harvest, by preparing healthy souldfood. 

Thank you, Mother Earth! Thank you, Father Sun! Thank you, water, air, earth, and fire!