Island Retreat

Morning: Yoga and Meditation (no prior experience necessary)

During the day: Nature experiences and open studio/art therapy. Stand-up paddling, canoeing, coastal hikes… and enjoying the island.

Artistic offerings: Painting, clay sculpting, wood carving. Artistic and art therapy guidance available upon request.

Additional options for booking: Massage, Reiki, and shamanic healing treatments.

Evening: Yoga, Meditation. Cacao ceremony, sauna, and… plunge into the cold sea! Chanting mantras, dancing, campfire. Embrace your wild and natural self!

Shamanic sweat lodge ceremony:

The sweat lodge as a cleansing and renewal ritual for health on all levels. It grounds, centers, and brings you to your core, connecting you with your inner nature. After a preparation period, we enter the sweat lodge clad in cotton cloth. Hot stones heated in a fire are placed in the center pit of the lodge and water is poured over them. The ritual consists of four rounds, each representing a season and its associated element. We express gratitude, make requests, let go, and become empty to receive anew. Refreshed and regenerated, we return to everyday life as if reborn.

Meals: 11 am and 4 pm

During the retreat, our chef will treat us to healthy, diverse, and light meals. The reduction to two main meals is conducive to meditation and reconnecting with oneself. Juices and smoothies are available throughout the day.

The sweat lodge and new moon ceremony help us connect with our dreams and visions and let go of anything that no longer serves us or holds us back from our desired path.

Join us in welcoming the full moon, the four winds, and the four elements! Experience the power of fire, the power of Mother Earth, and your own strength in the sweat lodge!

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Insel Retreat Mai

16. Mai|17:00 - 21. Mai|13:30

Women’s Retreat

In our women’s retreats, we gather in the sacred circle of sisterhood. We embark on a collective journey to rediscover the essence of womanhood.

Together, we explore the teachings society has bestowed upon us, uncovering what we may have forgotten and reawakening our inner truth. We reconnect with our cyclic nature, embracing the ever-changing seasons of our feminine cycle: the winter, spring, summer, and autumn that reside within us. As women, we now have the freedom to harmonize with the rhythms of the moon and reconnect with our sisters.

In this transformative space, we embark on a collective healing journey, supporting one another and amplifying our individual healing powers. United, we follow the sacred rhythm of the four elements, weaving them into our experiences, healing practices, and nourishment.

Join us in these retreats as we celebrate the power of sisterhood, rediscover our authentic selves, and embrace the wisdom that resides within each and every one of us. Together, we honor the beauty of womanhood and the interconnectedness of all things.

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Insel Retreat August: Women Retreat

23. August|17:30 - 28. August|14:00

Mens’s Retreat- BACK TO (YOUR) NATURE

A retreat designed to take you on a journey of exploration into yourself and what masculinity and brotherhood mean to you.

  • You want to clear your head from the stress of work and everyday life

  • You want to feel more grounded and connected to yourself and other men
  • You’re longing for a space to think and reflect
  • You like exploring personal growth and transformative experiences

  • You want to have deep and authentic conversations

  • You’re ready for an adventure out in beautiful nature

Why a Men’s Retreat?

We see that many men are full of questions about what it means to be a man today.

They receive mixed signals about how to behave and what is expected of them. There are little-to-no examples of healthy, integrated men in positions of power, and many men struggle with questions of meaning and what fulfilment looks like in their lives. As a result, they often struggle to connect to each other and stay silent rather than say the wrong thing.

But men crave more. More depth, more connection with each other and their romantic relationships. Ways to be better partners and fathers, and to have more fulfilling careers. Men want a space to think and reflect. And most of all to drop the outdated roles, and lean into something with more depth, honesty and integrity.

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