We are a small group of friends who share the vision of creating a space for holistic healing. The healing of body, mind, and soul, as well as the healing of nature and animals. We wish to create a space where you can experience, empower, and heal your connection to nature, animals, and your inner and higher self. In our retreats, we use various healing methods to address the different aspects of your being. Yoga, art therapy, sound healing, meditation, shamanic healing, medicinal plants, and most importantly, a pure nature experience on our wonderful island! Our concept of healing is deeply intertwined with our perception of the surrounding nature that nourishes us.  This gets visible and tasteable in our permaculture garden.

We are therapists, yoga teachers, gardeners, social workers, artists all dedicated to serving nature, healing, and the connection between people and different healing methods. We share the belief that the new medicine of the world, combines the ancient wisdom of natural healing with the advancements of modern medicine and psychology. We also believe in the power of collective healing. Together with nature, together with the global family of sisters and brothers, together with the generations that came before us and those that will follow. We heal through the integration of diverse wisdom from various cultures. We are not bound by dogma. We seek to build bridges.

Kegnaes Garden

Iris Seibert
Iris SeibertArttherapy, Sweatlodges, Cacao ceremonies, Soundhealing, Medicinal herbology.

In 2019, my vision of finding and creating a space for healing, both for myself and others, became a reality when I discovered a wonderful house on Kegnaes Island and embarked on the Kegnaes Garden project. The name was inspired by The Beatles‘ „Octopus’s Garden,“ where they found solace and refuge beneath the sea.

Prior to this endeavor, I had worked in the medical field for 12 years, encompassing hospitals, psychiatry, hospice, and emergency services. It was during this time that I received a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, four years prior to starting the project. It was a turning point when I yearned for a place where I could work without the limitations imposed by modern healthcare, free from the label of „incurable diseases.“ I longed to find a sanctuary in nature, where I could find inner calm, soothe my nerves, and rediscover trust and hope in my own healing.

I am deeply grateful that life granted my wish and allowed me to share my love for art therapy, psychosomatic understanding, shamanic healing, and gardening with others. Following my MS diagnosis, I had to leave my education as a wood carver and instead pursued studies in clinical art therapy in Berlin. I found immense solace in expressing my pain and fears through clay, colors, and wood, which inspired me to delve deeper into the field.

With over 300 hours of personal psychotherapy grounded in depth psychology, along with six years of experience as a paramedic, I learned valuable lessons on how to accompany and support individuals in challenging situations. At the young age of 22, my paramedic service led me to volunteer at a hospice, where I felt a strong spiritual calling to be present for those who were approaching the end of their lives. This profound experience shaped my connection and trust in spirituality.

In 2020, I crossed paths with my partner, Jacob, and together we explored shamanism during two winter journeys in Peru. This further deepened my spiritual connection. I offer sweat lodges, cacao ceremonies, art therapy, sound healing, medicinal herbology, and psychosomatic counseling.

I am happy to welcome you to Kegnaes Garden, where healing and transformation await.

Jacob Møller
Jacob Møller Meditation, Permaculture, Reiki & Sweatlodges

I have lived and been part of developing Kegnæs Garden with my partner Iris for the last two years.

With a background in economics, I have worked on various projects related to community development, social work, permaculture, and reforestation in Denmark, India, and Kenya.

My mission is to create and explore inner and outer spaces of healing and reconnection for nature, animals, and people. During retreats, I will offer an introduction to the sweat lodge ceremony and provide Reiki sessions. As part of my daily practice, I anchor myself through vipassana meditation and winter swimming.

I am dedicated to nurturing a harmonious relationship between humans and the natural world, fostering healing and transformation in both realms. I look forward to sharing these transformative experiences with you and guiding you on your personal journey of self-discovery and connection.

Bettina Winter
Bettina Winter Yogateacher in BDY/EYU und Yogapsychologic Coaching

I dedicate myself to the topics of yoga and art in womanhood and the challenging aspects of family life and relationships. Since 2016, I have been offering yoga classes specifically for women, expectant mothers, and families. Through my psychological training combined with yoga philosophy, I also provide support to individuals in their personal development and in various life situations through creative individual coaching sessions.

With my gift of compassionate listening and the permission of devoted presence, I provide my fellow human beings with a deep, trusting foundation where each individual can feel and unfold themselves, emerging stronger from difficulties.

I invite you to discover your own unique „Yoga Play Space,“ to experience yourself in the present moment, and to live your individual human being.

• 2003 – 2007: Studied Art History, Restoration & Painting in Hildesheim
• Since 2008: Freelance Restorer
• 2015 – 2019: Training as a Yoga Teacher BDY/EYU, Institute for Applied Yoga & Mindfulness in Hildesheim, Gabriele Bilitewski
• Specializations: Postnatal & Prenatal Yoga, Children’s Yoga, Yoga Psychology, Yoga Philosophy, Resilience, Mindfulness, Meditation, Artistic Workshops, and more.
• Since 2016: Freelance Yoga Teacher
• 2021 – 2023: Further Training in Yoga Psychological Coaching/Yoga Psychological Therapy, Institute for Integrative Yoga Psychology, Berlin, Pia and Martin Witthöft
• Since 2022: Individual Guidance as a Yoga Psychological Coach

Mireille Shamanic healing, Ceremonies, Plantmedicine, Women circles
My name is Mireille, I am writing these words from the sacred Valley in the Andean mountains of Peru.

Here I spend a part of the year, mostly in a small quechuan village called Maska.

I started seeking for healing when I was 20. It was hurting inside, and in my case nothing in the ‘conventional’ way of medicine helped me. So I started seeking the traditional ways of healing. For the last 12 years I have been traveling to be with elders of different tribes, to listen to their stories, learn from them, heal with the plants that they have been using for centuries.

And so like that, little by little, fire by fire, story by story, ceremony by ceremony, I am finding my way back home.I am happy to share what has been shared with me, together with my sister Iris in her nest Kaegnæs garden.

With love


There is a wisdom path deep inside your woman’s body.
It weaves you ~back to the first woman that ever was
It weaves you to your mother and her mother before her, It is a cosmic umbilical cord that rhythmically undulates from belly to belly to belly to belly across time and space…
It holds the Divine encoded wisdom of your ancestors.

Their stories are held in your blood
It binds you to every woman on this earth
It binds you to every birth and every death
It binds you to the first woman that ever was
It binds you to the Great Mother.

Sabine Shounyo Rottmann
Sabine Shounyo RottmannHomeopathy, energy work, Reiki, systemic constellations, mediumship and shamanic healing, meditation.

I am deeply inspired to enter personal spaces and facilitate transformative experiences, both individually and in group settings, within the creative and healing consciousness field.

I humbly seek support from the spiritual source and approach each individual in the group with sensitivity and mindfulness, while also considering the collective energy and themes of the group as a whole.

I was born in 1961 and I am a mother to Leander, who is 24 years old. Since 1997, I have been working in my own private practice for homeopathy, with a small seminar center for holistic and spiritual development in Rendsburg. Since 2014, I have also been working part-time in psychosomatics at a rehabilitation clinic.

Here is a summary of my background and qualifications:

  • Studied human medicine until 1987
  • Completed homeopathy training in 1988 and worked in a further education and group practice in Celle until 1996
  • Received training in transpersonal psychology and shamanism between 1989 and 1999
  • Practicing Reiki since 1997 as a practitioner and instructor
  • Systemic constellations training since 2001
  • Completed Thetafloating I and II in 2011
  • Experienced in guiding guided and dynamic meditations, as well as Vipassana
  • Participated in dance and voice workshops
  • Received mediumship training at the Arthur Findlay Spiritualist College in England
  • Since 1989, I have been regularly facilitating evening groups and seminars focused on the aforementioned skills, covering various thematic areas.

I am pleased to welcome you to Kegnaes Garden, where healing and transformation await.

Sabina Lexis
Sabina LexisReiki Master and teacher, Gestalt therapist, artist, hobby cook, and gardener.
„Let your inner sun shine!“
Once upon a time, there was a newborn with a severe heart condition. The doctors said that the child would need surgery by the age of one at the latest. Then, an angel appeared, and a miracle happened. The doctors had never witnessed anything like it. On her first birthday, my daughter was healed! I am deeply grateful and filled with joy about this. This experience awakened me and turned me into an explorer. Thirty years ago, I started practicing Reiki and have since had wonderful and healing experiences with it. At Kegnaes Garden, I offer myself to receive and transmit the cosmic, all-encompassing energy of love to support your self-healing powers. I pursued various trainings out of a desire for self-awareness and self-exploration. In my recent years of work, I served as an educator in Denmark for the German School and Language Association. I express my creativity through my artistic creations, cooking, and gardening. I am married, have three daughters, and eight grandchildren.